Gift Wrapping

That gift that you receive on a birthday or a party has a lot of meaning and it shows in its contents and how it is packed. You too can create an impact with the gift you plan to give. So elaborate can be your gift-wrap that it can be the gift itself.

Gift-wrapping ideas vary from the material that you use to wrap the gift to the decorative elements that you can add to it. For instance fabrics can be one of the best ways of wrapping a gift. Look for those garish materials thrown away by the tailor in your area or a cloth mart. Garish to them can be rich material for you.

Gold or silver net, gold embroidery or tinsels can be used to create beautiful gift-wraps. Gift wrapping supplies would include fabric, if the material is thin then the lining is required. For paper, you would need glue, glitter, scissors and thick ribbons.

Keep the lining below the material and sow it at the edges so the look is only of the main material. Make two such sets and stitch the lining together on the three sides keeping the material inside out. Once you stitch them bring the right side on the top. Take two inches thick ribbon, put in the present and then tie the ribbon to the top.

You could choose any of the gift-wrapping paper – handicrafts, hand made, tissue or anything that you can get your hands on. The gift-wrapping technique depends on the paper you choose. You could even use comic paper for children gifts. Old calendars or maps could be used for gifts like a boat or a toy airplane. So let your creative mind go wild. The best part is that you are using recycled paper that will be further recycled, so it is completely environmental friendly.

Gift-wrapping is now taken seriously in India too where corporate gifts are wrapped with creative ideas. So the receiver feels nice bringing more goodwill to the company. Hence one can find professional gift-wrapping classes where you are taught the meticulous ways of wrapping a simple gift to make it look extraordinary.

One can get even creative with nature. As you go for a walk in the garden or on the road. You can pick up dried leaves, twigs and flowers. Stick them onto a gift and sprinkle some gold dust on to the twig, arrange the leaves and flowers in a decorative manner and see the receivers wow your art.

Gifts also play an important role in weddings. Especially when the girl takes all her belongings to the new house. For crystal gifts, one needs to be extra careful. Hence trousseau-packing classes in India are very common allowing the bride to take beautifully wrapped luggage. So that it does not look like luggage, but large decorations. One can arrange them at an economical price as a lot of natural products are used and if one can get creative then possibilities are endless.

Some can start their own classes once they get a hang of it, or freelance at design shops, take on projects for wrapping promotional products and gifts etc. Beautiful art is always needed in the market so let your creative prowess rise.

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