Fruit and Vegetable Carving

Vegetables can delight us in many ways then just in flavour and tastes. They can be carved and designed to dress your dinner table. So if you love to try out some arts and craft then take up the knife and start carving.

Knives are not only for cutting and chopping. You can also use them for carving out vegetables and fruits. This art had first been first created by the eastern world. They would carve out all types of vegetables like radish, tomatoes, pumpkin and have given the art to posterity so that the art still lives.

Be it for a social function or a wedding, fruit carvings are always placed on the table. They bring in beauty and decorate an otherwise placid dinner table. Swans are the popular carvings that one can see around. White in colour and soft feathers endears the onlooker bringing in a cool effect. No doubt fruit carvings of a swan are demanded the most. In fact sometimes they are even carved out of ice.

Besides the swan there are many other fruit carving patterns like the rose: closed, open; orchids and various other flowers, doves, turtles, deer’s, human faces, dancing couples and a lot more. You can design as far as your imagination can go. There are no ends to this creative means.

But before you let your creative prowess take over, take your first step of learning. It may be a tiresome and a lengthy process. You may have to throw off many artworks before you actually carve out that first design. It takes a lot of time and even more of patience. One wrong slit or a hurried push and your pattern can be rubbished.

Get an expert’s advice from any of the numerous fruit carving classes in India that exist. It could be even in your neighbourhood. A steady hand will evolve after thorough practice. Follow the fruit carving instructions given by your teacher and practice. Practice will bring perfection.

Here are a few tips to make a swan out of a watermelon. Cut a big chunk from one end of the watermelon so that it can sit on a table. No more wobbling. Trace out the swan on a tracing paper then tape it onto the watermelon and trace it out. Use dark markers or the sharp tip of a knife to trace the design. Once the design is done, cut out the design right through the rind. Be careful while doing so as the beak and the wings should be intact. The beak especially being small may just fall off.

Hollow the eyes with a knife. Do not remove the unnecessary parts by taking them out all at one time. Draw out four parts and then slowly remove each part. It may take more time but it certainly brings out a better job. Trim the feathers of the swan slowly, so that they are not too thick and take care that they do not get too thin. Fill the empty melon with cut fruits. So it looks like a fruit dish.

Begin with an easier design to start with, but if you have a steady hand that beautiful swan is not far away.

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