Decoupage is the art of cutting paper and mounting it on any object with a combination of paint and other special effects like golden leaves etc. This art was first born in Asia and is said to have originated in Japan.

Its popularity skyrocketed in the Victorian period in England but was enjoyed by a lot of ladies in France especially in Venice. Many people are associated with this art of paper in France like Madame de Pompadour, Marie Antoinette and many more. No doubt the art has got a French name. Decoupage in French means to cut-up. As the art requires extensive cutting decoupage is the most appropriate name it received and has stayed the same for centuries.

It begins with an object you need to decorate. So go on collecting designs that you feel will accentuate the look. Give a theme to your decoupage ideas it could be environmental, so there are lots of leaves and flowers or it could be a fairyland, so you can add a lot of fairies and pixies.

Take on small boxes like treasure chests, gifting boxes etc. From then on you can take on bigger decoupage projects. There are some in France that take a year to complete as there are hundreds of varnishes that need to be applied to get that final look. Some projects include making wedding invitation paper, home d├ęcor paper, decorative computer paper, collages, scrapbooks, box decorating, gift wraps, lampshade paper, decorative tissue paper, wall paper, packaging paper are among the few.

How to decoupage classes start by teaching you to cut out motifs and pictures as accurately as possible. If the decorating item has a decorative surface existing then you will have to place the cutouts accordingly. But if the surface is plain then you have to cutout enough motifs to cover up the entire surface. Some overlapping will occur as there should be no place left plain, without a design. Or you can overlap some pictures and leave space between some pictures so that a different look appears.

Paste an adhesive on the entire surface of the object. Then paste the cut outs on it. Play with the positions of the images so you get a desired look at the end when the entire pasting is done.

Decoupage paper is also available at select stores in India. But you can create your own paper by sticking motifs and images on it in a design form and then sticking the paper onto the object.

When out for a party, decoupage the gift box and present it to the friend to see them wow your efforts. You could do it on plates so they look beautiful when laid down. As decoupage is done on the back of the plate, it can be used to serve food as before as nothing is applied to the front of the plate.

So you can get innovative and decoupage items in your house to give it a different and beautiful look. Something not seen anywhere else.