Chocolate Making

But through the years, chocolate making has seeped down to household levels so that even you can make your own chocolate. The process of making chocolate from cocoa is immortal.

It is only from the cocoa beans that one can extract cocoa powder and make chocolate. Without it, it’s not possible.
To begin your chocolate purchase cocoa beans from the market. The more expensive ones are those that will emit higher flavour and taste. So it all depends on your budget.

Put the cocoa beans on the pan and fry them, they should get golden brown before you get them off the gas. Once they are completely fried, they become like potatoes. Peel them when they are hot, use kitchen gloves to do them else your fingers may get burnt.

Once peeled, put them in the grinder and grind them. It will become a dark sticky material. Now make chocolates out of them. Spread out an aluminium foil and put the paste on them. Make them to a 1-inch height and width according to your need. Roll the foil and keep there overnight. In the morning they will become hard tablets, which you can use. Store them in the freezer and remove them only when you want to serve.

Instead of putting it in foil, you can use chocolate moulds. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. For making chocolate moulds, heat the chocolate till it gets into a liquid state then with the help of a spoon put it into the mould. Cool it and then pluck it out.

There are a variety of chocolates available in the market and although the ingredients are the same, the proportions are changed to bring in the consistency of the taste. Hence there are secret recipes all over the world, where proprietors do not reveal the actual portions of the ingredients. You too could try your hand at chocolate making.

Open the newspaper or leaf through a few books and you know what to use and how to make it. Chocolate making classes in India have a great demand as housewives plan to start their own ventures from home and market them as corporate gifts.

As chocolates make a perfect gift for festivals and celebrations, the demands are never ceasing. If you already know the basics of chocolates then go on to learn advanced chocolate making courses. Here you will learn the varieties of chocolate like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, dry fruits etc.

So get yourself to learn this dark mystery that the world has tasted and loved. Hence chocolates will never go out of demand, infact it will keep increasing. So your profits are secured. Plan to sell it from home or supply it to shops, the demand will always be there. And as you get better, the demand gets even better.

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