Cake Making

Cake is a desert that is mostly eaten at the end of a meal. But its popularity and taste has made it an any time to eat snack. Nowadays you get cream cakes that are most popular, butter cream cake, dry cakes, plum cake, dry fruits cake and many more.

As cakes have become a member of every family at teatime or as a day snack, learning to make a cake can be beneficial to the pocket. As you do not have to go and buy it every now and then. Make it and pack it for the kids’ tiffin or serve them when guests arrive. It will never be wasted.

The key ingredients in making a cake are flour and a sweetening agent, which is normally sugar, a binding agent that could be starch and gluten used by vegetarians, fats are important – butter or fruit puree would also do. Milk is the liquid commonly used and yeast or baking powder is the leavening agent that is used to make it fluffy.

It all depends on the proportion of the ingredients that will make your cake taste differently. Now if you are making a dry cake, the butter and cream are not necessary.

But when you make the cream cakes or the traditional catholic wedding cakes you need to use cream that is fluffy enough. This is attained when it is continuously whipped so that it becomes frothy and can be easily spread.

Cakes made for different occasions are different in nature. If you like to eat cake and so do the members of your family then you can take up cake making classes to get a hang of the actual thing. Once you get a hang of making a cake go ahead and learn the nuances of dressing it up.

There are plenty of cake making courses in India, especially in the metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi where cakes are always in demand. Go into a grocery shop and you will find different types of cakes laid out for the customer. Come sunset and all the cakes are over. So much is the demand and is increasing by the day.

Cake can be made of different ingredients not only of American flour unlike what people think that it is basically. One can make carrot, chocolate, biscuit, walnut, fruits etc. Once you understand how to make it, the cake arena is yours.

Dressing a cake is mostly done with thick sugar. The icing on the cake is mandatory for birthday, party and wedding cakes. But one can create wonders with the decorative cakes. The look is so enticing that onlookers would love to plunge in the cake.

Hence a complete cake is one, which is made using all the right ingredients, and is well dressed. Once you are sure of making a cake then you can start up your own classes or supply cakes to the nearby bakeries or sell from home. The demand will never cease. And your profits will taste as good as your cake.

Popular cake making classes and experts in India :

Suggest an expert: hobbyclasses (at)

Mumbai: Well known expert in different kinds of cakes, sugar craft, cake decoration etc. Contact Name : Neetu’s cooking academy ( Mumbai). Phone:  9821727500

Delhi: All kinds of cakes (eggless, with icing), puddings, mousses, etc. Contact: Ridhima . Phone: 55659278, 9810441325

Suggest an expert: hobbyclasses (at)