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List of Hobbies

A hobby is defined as an activity that engages a person for a long time and the person finds self-satisfaction in doing the same. As he enjoys working on it, it becomes a part of him. As it keeps him happy, he loves to take it up again and again.



Hobbies As Career

In school we all are taught some small form of art. We sit in class twiddling the needles with our little fingers. While we grow up some still carry on what they were taught and loved doing...



Knitting And Embroidery

Knitting is a type of stitch that is weaved in with needles. Unlike the common small needles we all are aware of, knitting is done with long needles that are at least one foot in length. They could be shorter too.




Painting is the art of bringing a blank paper to life. In school watercolours are used to fill in the drawing that we do. But as individuals turn adults, they painted for a living and have transformed into artists.



Gift Wrapping

That gift that you receive on a birthday or a party has a lot of meaning and it shows in its contents and how it is packed. You too can create an impact with the gift you plan to give. So elaborate can be your gift-wrap that it can be the gift itself.




Some people eat food to satisfy the hunger while some eat food to relish what they are served.cooking is like a drawing board, you can draw just for fun or you can take it up as a hobby and draw beautiful images so onlookers can wow what you do.



Cake Making

Cake is a desert that is mostly eaten at the end of a meal. But its popularity and taste has made it an any time to eat snack. Nowadays you get cream cakes that are most popular, butter cream cake, dry cakes, plum cake, dry fruits cake and many more.


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